Verex Assistance is the first, and currently the only, UK provider of vehicle manufacturer accident aftercare solutions dedicated solely to meeting the needs of vehicle manufacturers and their brand customers.

Verex Assistance provides services only to vehicle manufacturers. Unlike other accident management market participants, we do not work for insurers or insurance brokers.

Verex Assistance provides a vehicle manufacturer branded insurance claims service, and immediate assistance, to vehicle manufacturer customers who have been:

…and provides all vehicle manufacturer brand customers with:

Why Verex Assistance?

We aim to retain for vehicle manufacturers, their franchise dealers and their approved bodyshops, all post accident business that is created from a customer vehicle accident or vehicle theft.

Our Approach

Verex Assistance offers a vehicle manufacturer Insurance Claim Support Service for vehicle manufacturer customers. This service is the first of its kind to be offered to vehicle manufacturers for their branded customers. It represents a major departure from the unsuccessful programmes offered to vehicle manufacturers by existing so-called accident management companies. These are not vehicle manufacturer dedicated.

As the first organisation in the UK to provide an independent Accident AfterCare service to vehicle manufacturers, our programme is robust and designed to ensure that all our vehicle manufacturer clients become and remain more customer focused, more customer relevant and more profitable.

Programme Components

Working with our vehicle manufacturer partners and operating under the VM's brand, Verex Assistance:

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